OBERLIN CATTERY Breeds: Havana / Singapura
OBERLIN CATTERYBreeds: Havana / Singapura


Havana (or Havana Brown in some registries) is a breed of cat developed in the 1950's in England.  The breed was developed by crossing a seal point siamese with a black domestic short hair.  The result was a solid brown cat with siamese type.


Breeding cats were sent from England to the USA in the late 1950's and have been recognized in all the North American registries since the 1960's.  


The breed is called Havana in TICA (The International Cat Association) and Havana Brown in CFA (Cat Fancier's Assoiciaton) and ACFA (American Cat Fancier's Association).    TICA recognizes the dilute color of the breed, Lilac. Therefore, they have chosen to drop 'brown' from their breed name.




In 2018 we acquired our first Singapura.   Singapuras are one of the smallest breeds in the cat fancy.  They are a lively, fun, affectionate breed.   They have a very distinct look and coloration which is in the Sepia Category / Tabby Dvision / Color is Sable Ticked.


Thank you to Margo Hill of Singville Cattery for :

Singville Minnie Pearl of Oberlin

SGC Singville Lola ofthe Copa  

(photos of Lola below  by Helmi Flick)

Thank you Laura Blaser for:

Purapride Megan Rapinoe of Oberlin

Thank you Adriana Kajon and Vickie Shields for: 

Truecolours Captain America of Oberlin

We are proud members of:

Yellow Rose Cat Club / A TICA  show-producting Club


Kansaskatz Cat Club / A TICA show-producing Club


Kansas City Cat Club / A TICA show-producing Club


Prairie Winds Cat Club / A TICA show-producting Club


High Country Cat Club / A TICA show-producing club


Our havanas and singapura are registered in both TICA and CFA. Currently we are showing in TICA.



Below is Cat Fancy Magazine / November 2009 Issue

The small havana picture on the cover is

RW, SGC Loved-A-Latte as a 4 month kitten
Photo above taken by

Preston Smith, Photographer

website: www.prestonsmithphoto.com

Our cats and kittens are our loved pets and live in our home.  We do not believe in caging.  We have few litters which gives us time to spend adequate time with each kitten to socialize them properly. Our kittens and cats have excellent personalities and all of our breeding cats are beautiful show quality meaning they meet the highest standards for the breed. All of our breeding cats receive a full genetic panel from Optimal Selection, which is the gold standard for screening for genetic disorders.  The genetic panel also checks for inbreeding coefficients which help us keep our lines as diverse as possible in breeds that have limited gene diversity. All of our litters are registered with either TICA or CFA, the two largest registries in the USA.  Every kitten/cat comes with registration papers and full pedigrees can be ordered. 


Located in Kansas

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